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Do you want your Home or Office to Always Look Shiny?

MARJAV ENTERPRISES, is your solution.

Domestic Cleaning

We provide a high-quality domestic cleaning service so that your home shines and you can enjoy a spotless space without worries. Our team of experts takes care of every detail, from deep cleaning to ongoing maintenance, so you can live in a clean, healthy environment. Trust us to make your home always look impeccable and sparkling.

Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning service is designed to keep your work environment spotless and conducive to productivity. Our highly trained team performs thorough, custom cleanings to meet the needs of your space. Whether it is a small office or a large corporate complex, we provide meticulous attention to every corner. Trust us to create a clean, healthy and professional work environment for your team and clients.


We are a Team Dedicated to Our Clients

Your satisfaction is our inspiration. As passionate workers, we are dedicated to providing you with optimal and quality services, at the height of their possibilities.  

Maximum Availability

Ready to meet your needs at any time.

MARJAV ENTERPRISES, is currently directed to service areas, such as; Properties, Landscaping and Domestic or office cleaning.  

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